Eyewire: A Game to Map the Brain

Super cool VIDEO GAME that maps out neurons!!!


Many times, computers and other artificial intelligence (AI) are used to find patterns in scientific data. But as it turns out, there are still a couple of things that humans can beat AI at: one being finding 3D patterns. Apparently, humans, and most specifically, those of use who are good at video games, are the best at finding patterns in 3D objects.

SO to help with their research on neurons and the brain in general (and to make it fun), Sebastian Seung and the rest of his neuroscience team at MIT have created a video game, EyeWire , that calls on us to help figure out how the neurons are assembled in the back of the eye of a mouse. The more accurate your 3D neuron connections are, the more points you get!

Now, you may be thinking, why a mouse? Well, you need to start simple before you can take one something as complex as the human brain. They’re hoping that once they’ve fully diagrammed the mouse eye, then they can move onto the human eye, and eventually the human brain, and use this research to figure out how the neurons in the brain are connected so that they can begin to understand and treat complex mental diseases and disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

Care to join? Just sign up here and game away!

Read more about this research here.

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