Exponential HIV


This is a really neat resource to teach exponential growth through the eyes of salary and disease. It starts off with an activity in which students are given a choice:

Choice 1: They can be paid in dollars, starting with $1,000/day, and their salary increases by $1,000 each day. (so on the first day, they get $1,000, on the second, they get $2,000, $3,000 on the third, etc.)

Choice 2: They can be paid in pennies, and their salary double each day ( 1c the first day, 2c the second day, 4c the third day, etc)

Which would you choose…? They then calculate what their salary would be at the end of 30 days for each of the 2 choices and gives them an idea of what exponential growth looks like.

Afterwards, they read an article on the exponential growth of the HIV virus in the human body once it has gotten in.

Read more here.

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