Art in Forensics

I was Googling “art in forensics” to get an image of x-rayed paintings, but a ton of other images came up that inspired me to take this forensics class in a new direction next year. I would love to do a day on Art in Forensics–often times, people only think of bodies when they think of forensics, but there are so many other disciplines that forensic science is used for as well.

Things I would include in this day:

  • How to draw a suspected person based on only the witnesses description (have students make sketched based on each others descriptions)

convict sketches.jpg

  • talk to a suspect sketcher (do these people work for the police or are they hired? hmmm….)
  • how to make a clay mold of a person’s face
    1. how to re-construct a model of a face that’s been badly misshapen


  • how artists age missing children (maybe read a case study of a missing child, and then look at all of the artists renditions of what they would look like at different ages as they grow up)

aged children.jpg

  • a field trip to an art museum to talk to a curator about how forensic science techniques are used to determine whether or not there are 2 paintings on a canvas, and to determine whether there are people in art, like those that were found in these Buddha statues:

forensic statue.jpg

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