The Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life

In August, Gretchen Reynolds published an article in the NYTimes called “The Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life.”

The verdict?

  • No exercise: highest risk of early death
  • A bit of exercise: lowered their risk of premature death by 20%
  • 150 min/week of moderate exercise: 31 % less risk of dying prematurely
  • Walking for 450 minutes per week: 39% less likely to die prematurely
  • People who engage in 10 times or more than the recommended exercise: still about 39% less likely to die prematurely



Using the Amniotic Sac to Heal Wounds

Check out this cool article one of my students presented for his Friday presentation:

Innovative Wound-Healing Technique Could Save Limbs

amniotic membrane

Basically, they’ve found that the amniotic sac can be used on diabetic sores to heal them instead of them festering and leading to limb loss.

And I was just… so proud when this student was talking–he discussed the female reproductive system without a single blink of an eye in front of all of his peers. Rock on.