A Perfect Day

I wish I could take today and bottle it up, and then open the cap on bad days and get just a tiny glimpse of that bliss and happiness I felt all of today. Like sunshine in a bottle.

I just felt like I was getting compliments all day long, and they weren’t even coming from anywhere!

First there was an impromptu conference with a parent of a student that just opened my eyes in so many ways. This particular parent, whom I had assumed was a high-striver and didn’t care for the well-being of her daughter, was so compassionate. She was so worried that her daughter was doing too much and she was asking what she could do to help her, and it was just so heartening.

Later that day, I saw that same daughter in a class, and one of the girls was saying that today I really looked like a certain character from Big Hero 6 (see below).

And then I told them that I’d also been compared to the female from the show “Arrow,” to which one of them said “Just take any female superhero, and that’s Miss S.”

My cup overfloweth.

In another class, I tried a brand new activity with them, and they loved it, and they went with it, even though it was completely out of the blue, which was awesome. Don’t you ever just have those time when you think–this is so awesome that I have to try it. Now.

The female a capella group is finally beginning to get their songs together and ramp up the sass in it, which is so awesome, and then my day ended like this: it was a department meeting, and we were hearing news from all the departments, and then someone in the science department said that everything was boring in science. The head of school then looked at me and said “She’s not boring.” And after I laughed super loud, the person sitting next to me smiled and said “Well, you’re not.”

What did I do to deserve this life?