On Standardized Testing

standardized testing

This is s0 powerful. A public school teacher delivers a spoken word poem about standardized testing including this:

“Students who are not proficient readers by the end of 3rd grade are four times less likely to graduate from High School by age 19. At poverty, these students become thirteen times less likely to graduate on time. Multiply by one out of ten High School drop-outs spends time in prison, divide by racism, take the square root reality, subtract irrational numbers and unreal dreams, where will Monica be in five years?”

See the full poem here.



Truth and Beauty in Cells

This is why we teach the cell–not because it’s a part of the curriculum or because it’s “essential to biology,” but because it’s an integral part of the truth and beauty that makes you…you.

truth and beauty in cells

“…Truth and beauty are things that are often opaque to people who are not in the sciences. They are things that describe beauty in a way that is often only accessible if you understand the language and the syntax of the person who studies the subject in which truth and beauty is expressed…I wanted to figure out a way to help people understand truth and beauty in the biological sciences by using animation, by using pictures, by telling stories so that the things that are not necessarily evident to people can be brought forth, and can be taught, and can be understood.”

-David Bolinsky in his TED Talk, Visualizing the Wonder of a Living Cell